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30th-Dec-2015 02:16 pm - Mostly Friends only!
Leto Sandwich

Most of the fandom stuff is public!

Credit for the banner goes to ramoniciu
22nd-Feb-2013 07:23 am - Photo meme - day 2
A photo of my desk.

Since I don't have one at home, I'll show you the one at work :-)


eta: Where is the button that I can switch back to the old version of LJ??? I don't like this new posting-page :-(
21st-Dec-2012 08:19 am - End of the world - update
Leto Sandwich
8.17am: Some of my icons are gone :-( Maybe that's the start of the end of the world???
23rd-Nov-2012 03:56 pm - Help needed :-)
Leto Sandwich
Can you please all do me a HUGE favour?

If you have a Facebook account, can you please click on the link below and like the pic? We can win the box, if we get enough likes. And make your friends, kids, mother, father, granny like it too, please ;-)


Thank you ;-*
18th-Oct-2012 08:29 am - Are you still around here on LJ????
Leto Sandwich
I checked the LJs of the people I follow and realized that some of them haven't updated their LJs in months :-(

So I was wondering:

Who is still here on LJ???

Even if you just lurk, come back from time to time, update your LJ every few weeks...

Please leave a comment. I really wanna know who is still around!
8th-Oct-2012 07:54 pm - Back from Ring*Con
Leto Sandwich
I'm totally exhausted. Had a wonderful weekend at Ring*Con. Lovely friends, lovely guests, great parties, fantastic panels. I have to sort and edit the million pics I took.

But I wanted to share this one pic with you because I'm sure that's the best and cutest pic I got this weekend and I'M sure it will bring a smile on most of your faces:

Leto Sandwich
Just a few more days until Ring*Con. I totally lost track...

Who's coming to Ring*Con 2012???

I really wanna meet up with all of you!
Leto Sandwich
Braucht jemand noch Staffel 6 von Supernatural? Originalversion (also ohne deutsche Tonspur)?

Ich Held hab sie jetzt 2x :-/

Sie ist noch original verpackt und würde 20€ kosten.

Versand innerhalb Deutschlands bezahl ich.

Wenn jemand sie braucht oder jemand jemanden kennt...
24th-Mar-2012 09:09 am - I need your help!!!
Leto Sandwich
Can you guys do me a favor and vote for my pic at Facebook?:


Please just like the pic. Contest end today and I need a few more votes to win at least the 3rd price.

HELP PLEASE!!! Thanks *smooches*
16th-Mar-2012 12:44 pm - *happy dances*
Leto Sandwich
Billy Boyd will be at Ring*Con 2012 again.

That's sooo cool *happy dances*

I mean, he already was a guest 2 times, but it's o good to see a member of the fellowship again at Ring*Con.

I really love the guests so far :-) Back to the roots \o/
20th-Feb-2012 04:32 pm - Thank you!!! But who are you???
Leto Sandwich
Someone paid 2 months of paid account for me. I wish I could thank you but I have no idea who you are because I only got the message that 2 months have been added but never the mail that told me WHO paid for it :-(

So if you are the one, please let me know so I can send you lots of hugs and smooches!!!

Also thanks to all of you lovely people who sent me heart v-gifts. My profile looks amazing :-) Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day!!!

Have been busy all week. Will update asap, also with photos :-)
2nd-Jan-2012 09:16 am - Happy New Year
Leto Sandwich
Just stopping by to wish everyone a...

I wish you all the best. May 2012 bring you lots of joy and happiness :-)

And I want to thank everyone who sent me Christmas cards. I wish I could name you all. But my computer broke during the holidays - again (!!!) - and all the mails I got are still on it. So if you send me a card feel yourself embraced ;-)
2nd-Dec-2011 09:01 am - 30 Seconds to Mars in Cologne
Leto Sandwich
Last Tuesday I've been to another 30 Seconds to Mars concert. This time they played in my home town in my '2nd living room' the Lanxess Arena (also home of the Sharks!)

Of course I couldn't miss it. Ordered my tickets only a day after my last Mars show ;-P

urukat came from Berlin to Cologne only for the show ♥. hai_di was there too. Her first Mars show. I had convinced my best friend Tina that she has to see at least one Mars show in her life, so she joined me together with another of our friends, Lily, our little Mexican girlie. It was her first Mars show too, but she has a crush on Jared Leto for years ;-)

We had fantastic seats, 6th row on the side of the stage :-)

More and lots of picsCollapse )

Please don't repost my pics anywhere!
20th-Nov-2011 08:32 pm - Picture Site Login?
Leto Sandwich
Does anyone have access to this photo site?


Pretty please???
13th-Oct-2011 10:25 pm - It's that time of the year again
Leto Sandwich
I'm off to Ring*Con.

Will be back Monday :-)

Can't wait to see all my lovely friends again!
29th-Aug-2011 08:50 am - Friends cut
Leto Sandwich
I've done a little friends cut (and will do some more).

No hard feelings. I defriended people I never talk to anymore or who only post about fandoms I'm not interested in. Sorry. It's just that I'm not around LJ much anymore and when I'm around I want to have the time to read the posts of people I still feel close to.

Take care!
11th-Aug-2011 04:34 pm - Vector graphic??? HELP!!!
Leto Sandwich
Graphic people and people who know how to work with Photosshop etc.

I really need your help.

I have a graphic, a black and white one. Now I want to make a sticker of it but the shop needs me to make a vector graphic of it?!!

Does anyone know how this works??? Or does anyone know anyone who might know this?
Can anybody pleeeease help me???
This is going to be a Birthday gift, so I really need it!
30th-Jun-2011 07:16 am - New Jared and Gen pic
Leto Sandwich
From DanSpilo's Twitter:

*click for bigger version*

At dinner with @jarpad and his extraordinary wife. Want great wine, dine with @jarpad. http://yfrog.com/kgrd2sj
Leto Sandwich
If anyone is interested, I'm selling the French Supernatural Poster special on Ebay

You can find it on EBAY here

I'm also selling my Supernatural magazines (1-16) and Comics.
I have the Mags with Cover 2.

I already sold a few so just ask when you need a special one and I'll check if I still have them, okay? They all look new. I had them in a case.

I'd like to have €4,50 plus postage for each mag and €3,50 plus postage for the comics. If you are not sure about postage or how much it is in your currency, just ask!

Feel free to send people to my post ;-)
22nd-May-2011 12:42 pm - SPN and concert
Leto Sandwich
Just watched the season finale of SPN

Just a short reviewCollapse )

In other news I got a confirmation from Coca Cola yesterday that I won tickets for the Coke Sound up concert of Sunrise Avenue. The concert is here in Cologne on June 4th and you can't buy the tickets anywhere. Some of my friends won tickets too, so I'm sure it's going to be cool :-)
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